Do I Need A Wedding Planner?

Melbourne Wedding Planner | Weddings by E
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So, you’re recently engaged but have no clue where to start? Maybe you’re halfway through the planning process but unsure how to bring all the elements together? Or your wedding is fast approaching, and you’ve realised you need that extra set of hands on the day after all?

 Lucky for you wedding planners don’t just offer the “Full Package”. Many planners, myself included, offer a range of customised services to suit couples at every stage of their planning journey.  

Wedding planners really are more than just “planners”. They’re stylists, problem-solvers, budget calculators, runsheet specialists, coordinators, and an extra set of hands to help bring your dream day to life. 

“The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started”

You’re engaged! (Congratulations!) but where to begin? The first few big decisions often feel like the most daunting, including choosing your guest list, when to get married and where.

These days the world truly is your oyster, with potential wedding venues popping up left, right and centre and a rise in weddings at all times of the year. Lots of options are good right? Right! Well except when there’s so many that you get information overload and its all too hard.

Wedding planners can help you on your way by making these first big decisions less time consuming and overwhelming. Remember your wedding planner should be an expert in their field, well versed on all the current trends and newest wedding venues that suit your style and budget.

A wedding planner will get to know you and your partner, and be able to suggest ideal timings and short list venues, giving you the opportunity to find your dream location with much more ease than scrolling through Instagram for hours on end.

“A Little Help Goes a Long Way”

A common misconception is that a wedding planner needs to be brought in at the start of your planning journey, but this just isn’t true! The great thing about investing in a wedding planner is their ability to support you on the aspects of your big day that you’re either struggling with or don’t enjoy doing yourself.

Choosing a cake is fun; ordering tasting samples and picking a flavour you both enjoy. However, finding a DJ that suits your style and the process of searching, enquiring, awaiting a response and making a decision can be a downright headache!

For this reason, wedding planners often offer more tailored packages that allow you to pick and choose the aspects of support you require, like my Partial Wedding Planning Package which is completely customised for each couple I am lucky enough to work with.

“A Party is Nothing Without the Planner”

You love planning and have enjoyed the process of bringing your big day to life, even with the hiccups along the way, so you don’t need a planner, right? The one thing you can’t do yourself is the actual coordination of your wedding day (no matter how hard you try!)

On the day coordination is also a wedding planning service, allowing couples and their guests to genuinely enjoy the day, as opposed to you worrying that your tables wont quite look like your Pinterest board! Hiring a planner allows someone else do all the worrying, keep everything on time, ensure nothing is forgotten and fix any little problems that arise.

Ready for a helping hand planning your special day?

View my Wedding Planning & Coordination Services or Contact Me today.

Melbourne Wedding Planner | Weddings by E
Image Credit: Free The Bird Weddings

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